• Healthcare


    At NMG we create family-centered healing environments that contributes to patients wellbeing and faster recovery. Our facilities exceed patients’ expectations leading to higher patient satisfaction forhealthcare providers and caregivers.


    Emergency rooms (ERs)

    Out patient department (Clinics)

    Patient rooms

    Dialysis centers

    Endoscopy rooms (GI)

    Waiting areas

  • Corporate


    We believe that workplace productivity is largely the result of the environment people work in. Flexible, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing workspaces increase general job satisfaction among employees, employers and clients.


    Meeting rooms


  • Education With Research

    Education With Research

    To make the most of the education environment we need to create the schools of the future. Our innovative and highly flexible solutions inspire educators and students to reach their full potential through the interactive and fun spaces NMG creates.

    Class rooms

    Lecture rooms


    Research labs

    Libraries & co working spaces

  • Hospitality


    The hospitality industry requires unique and innvative designs that simultaneously allows future flexibility. Older facilities can be updated to meet 21st century needs, and NMG’s design and manufaturing efficiecies ensure the least possible amount of disrution, waste and noise.

    Waiting areas