To really support focus for people, it takes much more than just a quiet room or comfortable chair. We believe focus depends on places that work in concert to bring people and ideas together.


Human connections matter so much in organizational culture. From collaboration on projects to community, places to connect serve as a workplace’s beating heart.


Balance matters at work, and bringing the comfort and warmth of home can create environments that restore mental, emotional, and physical energy.


Places to discover might seem like an odd addition to a workplace, but inspiration and learning can be the key to creative problem solving and generating innovative ideas.


Creating great products and experiences begins with understanding and caring about people. We do this by focusing on three ideas in our design process.

Creating a simple product is harder than a complex one. When you can find the root of what someone is looking for in a given setting, it clarifies the problem you´re trying to solve and produces a simple, intuitive solution.

We don't believe in designing a product just to fill out a category or follow someone else´s trend. Instead, our design emerges from conversations and observations about the things people
need from the places they occupy.

We put a personal touch in everything we do – design is no exception. We believe the ergonomics and style of a product have the ability to support and inspire people in a personalized way.

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