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Smart Glass Technology


Switchable glass technology is a method of controlling the transmission of light through windows using electricty.





Hygiene is vital in healthcare facilities, and that's why traditional room dividers like curtains are increasingly considered a high risk to patient safety. Privacy glass represents a perfect, hygienic solution, providing patients with privacy while ensuring healthcare workers can monitor them at the flick of a switch. Smart glass also helps to maximize space, freeing up the room taken up by fabric curtains and allowing natural light in. NMG can execute turnkey installations of smart glass for any area of a hospital.

The commercial sector represents the biggest market for Smart Glass and Film with many of the world’s largest corporate brands opting for Intelligent Glass. Using Magic Glass is popular in hotels and other similar types of accommodation, maximizing space and privacy. Also, the application of Smart Glass brings a feeling of exclusivity as well as high-end technology.

Glass can be one of a home's most stunning features, with contemporary designers using it to add flair. Meanwhile, homeowners typically opt for drapes or blinds to maintain privacy - but, these window furnishings may soon be a thing of the past. High-tech glass is transforming the way we design our homes, allowing the clean lines of the designer's vision to align with the resident's need for privacy. It's not just for exterior-facing installation either - smart glass in the living room allows you to easily enjoy both openness and private space. And, for customers who own beam projectors, it can be even used as a high-standard home theatre screen.

A switchable film with better transparency than normal PDLC film enables you to have a clearer view while "on (transparent) and when "off" (opaque) still allows for a certain amount of visibility for safety reasons. Magic Super Clear Film (SCF) is expected to be applied to cars, train windows and exterior windows.

Our smart glass can be used for projection and touch-screen effects that can transform store windows, showrooms, and any glass surface into dramatic video displays. Available as glass, film, or even adhesive, our products can bring these exciting effects to any new or existing glass surface.


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