NMG precision manufactures Digital Components Off-Site and delivers them pre-cut and pre-engineered with all the MEP and technology applications built-in and ready to be installed, quickly, safely, and with virtually no waste on-site.


The future of construction demands fewer trades on site. Our Digital Component Construction requires far fewer trades on site, which meets the new distancing guidelines, and creates fast, efficient, and clean builds.


Our modular walls are custom designed based on each project’s needs, and prefabricated off-site within days, with precision cut components, cladding, and millwork.


On-site, it takes us just hours to build the walls with no waste at all and minimal disruption to already occupied spaces. Installing or changing spaces takes a fraction of the time, creates zero dust, and leaves no mess behind.


The walls are constructed to support face-mounted cabinetry of up to 400 KG and an STC rating of 41 to 50 depending on the wall thickness and configuration.


The lifecycle of our components is extended through their flexibility needs.


MEP And Integrated Technology


Our Pre-Engineered modular walls come equipped with all the MEP and medical gas components, to make a quick and easy installation on site.


Electrical backboxes, electrical mounting brackets, med gas mounting brackets, cutouts and rigid conduits are pre-installed within the modular system cavity. With the electrical junction boxes and the necessary components and devices provided and installed on site by the electrical contractor, connecting to the main power takes just hours to be completed.


We offer embedded TV and monitors as part of our solid wall offerings. A steel bracket attaches to a location specified digital horizontal allowing the TV monitor to hang embedded behind back painted glass.

Adjustable horizontal brackets to be positioned on site for centering TV to unmasked area.


The recessed TV is built into a shadow box, where the screen remains accessible. The recessed TV application is perfect for all touch screen needs.




Mounted millwork is available in a multitude of configurations and finishes, with options for standard or custom hardware. Customizable to the specifics of your project, our millwork is flexible and a unique solution.


If the millwork is mounted on  conventionally constructed walls via French cleat, backing is required. On a modular wall, planned Digital Horizontals act as backing and no extra support is required. Robust cladding clips on the super studs, adding structural integrity to the wall with no need to add backing support for millwork, plumbing and other utilities.


ADA sink design for people with disabilities can be wall mounted with easy maintenance accessibility.


Millwork is hermetically sealed in a durable 3D laminate that is cleanable with industrial grade disinfectants. 


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