NMG is a Design-Build workspace solution provider offering a comprehensive approach, handling everything associated with a project on behalf of the owner, including conceptual design, space & medical planning, procurement, installation, and project management.

NMG creates flexible, interactive, and future-proof spaces. With our finger on the pulse of design, our organization has evolved into one of the leading innovators, combining technology with architectural solutions.

NMG is a turn-key solutions provider, specializing in creating sustainable modular interiors for a wide variety of industries. Our primary focus is on designing, constructing and furnishing spaces that elegantly combine the highest levels of functionality with
stunning aesthetics.



NMG’s Healthcare Turnkey Projects Team acts as a strategic partner in the construction of new healthcare facilities and the expansion and renovation of existing ones. Drawing on our long experience of medical technology management, we provide comprehensive solutions in a move to meet market potential and customer requirements.


All budgets are defined and fixed from the planning stage, meaning no unexpected and costly later additions.

There are a significantly lower number of contracts to be managed. Administrative support staff required is also reduced, so clients can concentrate their energies on other fronts - marketing, technology sourcing, etc.

All the contractors and equipment suppliers are under one Turnkey contractor. Further, the turnkey contractor bears the full risk of integrating designs and the performance of all packages.

Better coordination between main contractor and consultant as a result of having both under the same turnkey contractor.

A sometimes overlooked but major advantage - there is no need to interact with multiple points of contact. All responsibilities regarding cost, timelines and coordination reside with the turnkey contractor.

Having all the required expertise and knowledge in-house can be a costly addition to staff wages. The use of a turnkey solution means that all expertise is provided, including at the design, manufacturing and implementation stages.

Unlike old fashioned builds no time is lost identifying suppliers and contractors, floating inquiries and tenders, evaluating multiple bids and awarding contracts. In addition, streamlined communication between multiple trades also saves time.

Project Development

From a one-sentence idea to a fully managed process, we develop individually adjusted and customized solutions to put any project on the right track in functional, technical and financial terms. We accomplish this by first rigorously defining the scope of the project, including projected costs, outcomes, deadlines and risks.






Our integrated structure, packed with industry leaders, allows us to excel in providing design review services. Led by our senior architects and engineers, our team starts by reviewing all existing studies, requirements and the proposed concept, before working with the client to perfectly tailor the individual components of the project and produce a statement of the client’s requirements.

Our hugely detailed design process includes producing architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical designs, in addition to our trademark exceptional healthcare interior design.

We ensure medical equipment is integrated in a way that ensures the best patient care possible, the most efficient healthcare delivery, and maximizes a facility’s performance.

Room-by-Room Medical Equipment Schedules.
Bill of Quantity & Budget Estimates.
Room Data Sheets.
Technical Specifications.
Loaded and Fully Coordinated Drawings for MEQ & FFE.
Procurement Management.

Drawings and specifications are forensically reviewed to ensure completeness and conformity to the approved preliminary drawings, prevailing codes, regulations and other statutory requirements.

In order to make each project the very best it can be we make sure to map out operational plans, clinical pathways, equipment flow, workload projections and staffing requirements.


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