NMG Videos

Beyond The Conventional NMG

NMG Corporate

Kuwait Case-Study

Specialized Rehabilitation Hospital Case study

King Fahd General Hospital
(Adult ICU)

The Return on Investment
(A Case Study by NMG)

A Quick Fix "Playstation" NMG"

Rapid Construction TV
Installation "NMG"

Arab Health Teaser 2020 " NMG "

The Newsletter " NMG "

AH Short Video

Arab Health Dubai "NMG"

NMG Jeddah 2nd Showroom
Installation Video

King Faisal Hospital, Al Hofuf "NMG"

Promo - King Faisal Specialist Hospital & RC, Riyadh "NMG"

al madinah specialized
hospital "nmg"​

Promo - King Fahd General Hospital, Phase II "NMG"

NMG Touch Tile Technology

The Field Hospitals AR
المشافي الميدانية " NMG"

NMG Rapid Response mobile field hospital construction sequence

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